Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Association of Tampa Bay
founded 1986


  • The number of scholarships awarded and the dollar amounts are determined based on the net income generated by the scholarship fund.
  • The number of scholarships to be awarded and their dollar amount will be available upon request on July 21st.
  • The scholarships(s) are to be awarded to Lambda Chi Alpha’s located within the state of Florida and/or the legal dependants of Lambda Chi Alpha alumnus from the University of South Florida.
  • This application, along with all required material, must be received no later than September 30. A new application must be submitted each year.
  • The Alumni Association will try to award the scholarship(s) on or before November 1st each year and reserves the rights to publish applicants.
  • Scholarships awarded will be sent to the Registrar’s office from the Educational Foundation.

Past Recipiants

Year Recipient GPA School Amount
2018 Lewis Forway 3.75 Florida Southern College $500
2018 Ryan Harris 3.84 Florida Southern College $500
2018 Jack Rubins 3.64 University of Tampa $500
2018 Thomas Scorcia 3.11 University of Tampa $500
2016 Matthew J. Lydon 3.50 University of South Florida, Legacy $3000
2011 Wilfredo Herrera 3.50 University of Florida, Epsilon-Mu $600
2011 David Bentley 3.53 Florida Southern College, Epsilon-Xi $600
2011 Shem Opolot 4.00 Florida Southern College, Epsilon-Xi $600
2010 Wilfredo Herrera 3.79 University of Florida, Epsilon-Mu $250
2006 Kristopher E. Horton 3.21 University of South Florida, Lambda Mu $200
2006 Taylyr J. Hamernik 3.00 University of South Florida, Lambda Mu $200
2006 Chrisopher Wilsom 3.10 University of South Florida, Lambda Mu $200
2002 Philip Hart 4.00 University of South Florida, Lambda Mu $657